Dental Tourism

Croatia has become a hit destination for dental tourism. For almost two decades, our clinic has been treating patients from around the world. These patients mainly come from countries where similar treatment and services cost more than three times than what they are in Croatia.

Our clinic tries to offer more personalized dental care and we take pride in the relationship we build with our patients. Many of these patients remain in touch with us over years and come back for more treatment. Dr. Blazenka Bilandzic has even met up with some of these patients in their home countries in places such as New York (USA), Paris (France) and Melbourne (Australia). Here are some of our patients and their testimonials:

Frederik, from United Kingdom:

``Bee (my wife) and me, would like to thank you for the great service, you gave during our treatment at your clinic.
We are very happy with the results, and will be happy to give your name to all our relatives.``

Justin Keogh, from Ireland:

``I was totally delighted with the service I recieved. Split-Dent were the only one's that replied with a price list and directions. The work and capability of the dentist was superb. I would highly recommend the clinic. I could't say enough good things about them. I had my fair share of dentists over the years and my experiences of being ripped off in Ireland is over. I have already booked myself in for next year on a return visit.``

Phil Hedley, from Scotland:

``It’s a daunting prospect to travel to an unknown dentist in an unfamiliar country to have something as important as dental treatment, and I was always very conscious of this and the potential pitfalls. So first I did a lot of research and exchanged emails with another dentist in Croatia, one in Hungary, one in Poland, and I also had a consultation in Edinburgh with a dentist who was on a promotional visit from Spain, before I chose Split-Dent.


There were three main reasons I chose Dr Blazenka and their team. One was that they obviously use state of the art technology and equipment. Another was the very competitive prices, particularly compared with the UK. But the most important was that everything was very straightforward and all my many questions were answered very patiently and in a way that I could easily understand. This was not the case with the other dentists. Although on the advice of my own dentist, who only does basic dentistry, I had started off only thinking about implants, the relatively low prices compared with the extortionate amounts we pay in the UK started me thinking about other work, so there was a lot I had to ask about.

So what am I having done? A great deal, as you will see!
- ‘Sinus lift’ bone augmentation
- Two implants
- Eight crowns
- Four porcelain inlays
- Lower teeth whitening


So far I have had the bone augmentation, seven crowns, four inlays and the whitening, and as you can see from the photos below the transformation is already remarkable!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what can I tell you that the pictures can’t portray? Well, first of all the quality of the dentistry is of the highest possible standard, and believe me, I have the most demanding standards! Secondly, and this probably goes with the first point, is the patience and dedicated quest for absolute perfection of Dr Blazenka. This would only be a consolation if the patient is not satisfied with the results, but when your expectations are hugely exceeded, the fact that the whole thing was made such a pleasant experience by everyone involved (and I normally hate going to the dentist!) was really just the icing on the cake for me. And when I say everyone was just so nice, I do mean everyone, including Dr Blazenka’s husband Sinisa, or Sin as he is known, (who helped me out with non-dental things way above and beyond the call of duty), Dr Blazenka’s Dental Nurse Marianne, the staff in the lab, and not to forget Dr Luka, whose specialist skills are critically important if you are having implants, and even more so if you need a bone graft.


So if you are thinking of going abroad for dental treatment, you really would be crazy from any viewpoint you could name not to go to Split-Dent. And if you would like to talk to me in person to ask any more about the whole dental set-up there and about Split itself (which I really liked), accommodation etc, just email the clinic and they will give you my phone number here in the UK. I’d be delighted to talk to you.


PS I’m not getting any ‘promotional’ prices or ‘commission’ for advocating Split-Dent, it’s just that I am so very grateful for the fantastic work I’ve had done and the brilliant way I was treated that I want others to have the same great experience. And as I found out when I went into another dentist/dental lab in Croatia (in Rijeka, which I visited after the dental treatment was completed) to ask for directions, it became very obvious to me that standards within the country can vary to extremes.``